Double ended acrylic brush with spatula

Doppel-Nailpinsel mit Spatel

The professional tool with two handy ends is the ideal helper for modelling.

The spatula and brush are perfect for working with acrylic gel. No cumbersome changing of tools: Pick up the desired amount of acrylic gel with the spatula side and place it on the nail. Turn the tool over and immediately process the acrylic gel with the brush side.

The brush is made of high-quality synthetic hair, which is robust on the one hand, and fine and absorbent on the other hand, and ensures that the gel is dispensed evenly. Both sides have a protective metal cap.

On request available with or without decoration on the caps or print on the middle part. Even in small editions as a custom-made product in other colors and/or decorated with your logo.

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Double ended acrylic brush (Pdf 159 kB)