Artist Brushes

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Especially the production of the artists’ brushes depends on the right material and the skill of the brush maker to transform hair and bristles to a unique product.

Artists’ brushes are no industrial produced mass products; artists’ brushes are the result of skilled manual work. They are unique! For our brush assortment we use only selected high quality material. With us you find the right brush for every technique, if the best natural hair like Kolinsky red sable hair or synthetic hair especially developed for particular applications.

The diversity of hair and shapes is nearly exhaustless. The same is true for the design of the handles (for example long, short or ergonomic shape).

We have an extensive standard assortment of artists’ brushes for oil painting, acrylic painting and water colour painting. We are always prepared to produce brushes also according to your specifications and requirements.

You want to compose your own assortment? Our specially trained contact persons will help you!